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We Get Results

Case study No. 1:

Client:         It is Written Canada
Product:     Canadian based, religious non-profit organization. Media television and outdoor advertising
Media:         Network Television. 
Objective:  Canadian Network purchase of one-half hour weekly x 52 weeks at the best possible rate in a good weekend time period.

For a number of years, It Is Written, Canada, through their existing agency purchased individual markets, some at different times, some at similar times, and try as they might, they could not afford to purchase a complete Canadian network that would cover 98 of English speaking Canada.  Their coverage was contained at around 60%.  In the year 2008, their existing media agency was able to secure a weekend network buy of a one-half hour time slot for a cost of $22,000. per week.  Of course, with their limited resources, this was unaffordable and the status quo continued until Spring of 2009 when MBC was asked to step in and make some media recommendations.  After months of research, consultation and negotiations with each and every network available in Canada, MBC was able to secure a one-half hour in a great time period at a significantly discounted rate starting in the Fall of 2009. In addition, we were able to secure no charge promotional spots for the same client.  MBC saved this one particular client over $13000.00.

Case study No. 2:

Client:          Furnitura Interiors 
Product:      mid to high-end Burnaby Furniture Store. 
Media:         Outdoor (billboards and bus kings), local newsapers and direct mail. 
Objective:   Branding awareness and increased sales

This Burnaby based retail/wholesale/custom furniture store opened its doors at the worst possible time:  Summer of 2008 and the economy crashed in October of that year.  With limited resources, MBC was faced with trying to achieve the highest possible branding awareness at the lowest possible cost.  Advertising affordability was a major issue for this client.  Research concluded in the purchase of 10 Bus Kings out of Burnaby Bus Barns featuring a simple design and prominent web site address through Spring and Summer of 2009 backed up with direct mail and newspaper ads.  Sales started to slowly increase and their web site got double the hits after only 4 weeks.  In addition one couple who was sitting outside at a Hastings Street café, saw the bus king go by and decided to check out Furnitura Interiors just down the street.  During the past week, they had been everywhere:  Coquitlam, YaleTown, Richmond and could not find the top quality, modern and upscale furniture they desired.  This couple furnished their living room from Furnitura and came back a few times for additional pieces because they were so impressed with the quality, price and service.

Cast Study No. 3:

Client:          Halloween Superstore 
Product:      Halloween party supplies and costumes 
Media:         Outdoor (skytrain and bus kings)
Objective:   Call to Action sales

Holiday Celebration specific retailer with a limited budget.  Last year we helped a new client who had leased a temporary space to sell Halloween accessories.  They had a very limited budget and wished to use outdoor advertising.  MBC took the very tight budget and negotiated a deep discount for the ad space and had production and artwork included for a full package of Bus Kings ads along with station-specific skytrain poster ads.  The campaign ran for 4 weeks; they almost completely sold out of product two weeks before Halloween, had to fly in more stock and still, there was almost nothing left the day before Halloween. Our client was extremely happy with the results!