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How can our company reach our core customer and primary target audience?
By targeted advertising such as direct mail in specific postal zones, television programs and radio stations that have your core demographics.  All this is researched by MBC with our compliments.

What is the best advertising medium for our small business?
The answer depends on multi-pronged aspects of your business requiring consultation and research on the part of MBC. The medium(s) best suited to your business depend on target customer, target area and your company’s objectives.

Our budget is limited, how can we afford any type of mainstream media?
Your budget can be maximized by taking advantage of seasonal media specials, bonus programs, on-air giveaways, and cross promotions.  Let MBC show you how.

How can we stage an affordable, successful event without blowing our budget?
Let MBC take care of all the details, including event coordination, tenant memos, entertainment, window posters, point of purchase and media buying.  We always work within your budget.

What percentage of our advertising budget should be spent on creative and production?
 Boutique Creative Houses have, in recent years, been charging very high fees for their services, therefore eroding media dollars.  As a rule of thumb, the creative should not exceed 20-25% of the media buy.  

What creative strategies can you recommend that are innovative and out of the box?
We at MBC are innovation experts.  We guarantee that our ideas will be different and effective and we have the case studies to prove it.

What fees do you charge?
MBC does not charge fees:  Consultation, research and media planning are complimentary.  15% commissions are earned and paid for by the media suppliers and there are no media placement fees or charges.  Creative and production are billed out at our cost plus 20% mark-up.  All subsequent follow-up, service and consultations are included at no charge.

How can our retail store generate cooperative dollars and/or discounts from our suppliers?
Some suppliers offer sales incentives such as percentage discounts, cooperative calendar periods and even shared media and creative costs.  Let MBC show you how.

How can we increase our brand awareness by 100% or more?
It’s called media synergism – or layering the right media(s) at the right time.  Let MBC explain.

We would love to use the most influential medium of television but can we afford it?
Anyone with a yearly budget of $50,000 or more can afford television in their media mix.  The strategy is to use it in synergy with low rates and high viewership. MBC knows how.