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  •   I have worked with MBC Communications for a number of years at different shopping centres including Oakridge, Royal City Centre, Lansdowne and now Metropolis at Metrotown. Maria has been doing my media buy for broadcast and outdoor for over 18 years in total. Maria has been instrumental in negotiating great rates with all our media and obtaining excellent value added to our buys. She is able to save me a great deal of time by taking on this task and I maintain a good relationship with the media supplier. When our company purchased Metrotown Centre next door, I had a chance to look at their media buy and compare it to ours. I am pleased to say that Maria has been able to achieve much better rates versus the other company that Metrotown had been using previously. Another example of her success would be the opening of our entertainment zone in 1998 – we obtained both a Maxi and Maple Leaf award for the opening, which was partially due to very high advertising awareness levels obtained through carefully planned high value-added media purchases. I would definitely recommend MBC for any media services for any kind of company. If you have any further questions please feel free to give me a call.

    Judy Black, Marketing Director

    Metropolis at Metrotown and Metrotown Centre

  •  M. B. Communications Ltd. has been purchasing media plus coordinating television and outdoor production for It Is Written, Canada, special events and seminars for approximately 20 years. The seminars take place across Canada with varying budgets. In all cases, Maria and Marco Barichello have been able to obtain anywhere from 60% to 150% in value added discounts and bonuses.

    As a recent example, in 2009 Maria was able to obtain a cross-country television program network buy for It Is Written, Canada for considerably less than a competitive agency had quoted.

    In addition, Maria and Marco’s vision is that although good media relations are important, the clients absolutely and positively come first and that our success is also their success!

    I would highly recommend the owners of MBC Ltd., Maria and Marco as media buyers for any type or business or event.

    Bill Santos, Speaker IIW Canada

  •  I have worked with Marco at MBC LTD for almost 10 years. Marco had been working with Sterling Shoes LP securing local and national media buys with billboards, Transit and magazines. Marco always responds quickly and secures great rates, locations and special rates for Sterling. MBC LTD also coordinates with our production department at Sterling to ensure all artwork gets delivered on time and successfully. Sterling looks forward to continuing to work with MBC LTD for many years to come.

    Sterling Shoes