We are a full service advertising agency:

  • MEDIA BUYING:    MBC is always pushing for a little extra from the media provider on behalf of the client: Adding value to an already approved budget with extra television spots, cheaper production, additional billboards and other outdoor mediums, larger newspaper space for the same dollars, etc.. Whatever additional bonus exposure and therefore target audience can be provided at no extra charge, is always a welcome surprise to clients. In other words, “under promise / over deliver”
  • CREATIVE SERVICES & PRODUCTION: Through Maria’s visionary expertise, MBC creative directors and artists understand the clients’ objectives.   It is important to be honest, be unique but also keep designs clean, simple and timeless. MBC always honours pre-approved production budgets.


  • Legal Secretarial assistant at Lawson, Lundell and Company
  • Legal Secretary/Para-legal to Paul Delaney, Esq.
  • Sales Secretary to BCTV’s (now Global) downtown sales staff
  • BCTV’s (now Global) first Female Television Retail Sales Representative
  • Mall Media Advertising Agency sales and service representative producing multi-paged magazines for many shopping centres as well as buying media for various clients. 
  • 1988: Maria Barichello Communications opened for business and was incorporated in 1989.
  • We are still open for business and ready to serve existing and new clients. 

Advice from the heart for those wishing to start their own business:  LIFE is what you make it!  Live generously with a grateful heart for all of life’s blessings.  Be thankful each and every day for the gifts you have been given and use them to help others:  During the stressful times that everyone experiences, keep looking forward to the new and exciting days to come.  Go ahead, give that bright idea about your new business a go:  Hard work and integrity always succeed.